Find Out Types and Causes of Cysts Here

Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that can grow in various areas of the body from the skin, genital area, to internal organs. The causes of cysts vary depending on the type. Cysts can grow in almost all parts of the body, such as the face, scalp, back, arms, groin, and even some are in organs such as ovaries. Most cysts do not have specific signs and symptoms, so their presence is often not realized. Although some types of cysts on the skin and mucous membranes can be characterized by lumps that are sometimes painful. Understanding the Different Types and Causes of Cysts Until now, most of the cysts have no known cause. However, several possible causes of cysts include blocked body fluids, cell damage, or the effects of injury to blood vessels. In addition, the cause of cysts can also be genetic or infection factors, such as parasites. Some of the most common types of cysts include: Ganglion cyst Ganglion cysts are lumps that often occur in the upper joints or tendons (the tissu
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